Here's how to make the most out of poker freerolls

A poker freeroll could mean two things. The first applies to a one-hand play while the second describes a whole poker tournament. In playing a specific hand, poker freerolls usually arise before the dealer hands out the last card and where one player is sure to, at a minimum, divide the prize with his competitor regardless of what the final cards may be and there is also a possibility he could take home the whole pot. This usually happens in a high-low split match in which a player is aware that he is sure to make a low hand and a low player could catch a timely card that will give him a flush or a straight and he will win a high too.

Tournaments of poker freerolls do not ask for any entry fee, yet there are others which do. In a standard pay-to-play match, the pot will be the total of all the entry fees less the fee subtracted by the casino. It is common practice for the house to cut a significant piece from the prize pool. They also earn by charging for beverages and food, broadcast rights, entry tickets for those who want to watch the tournament and sponsorship fees. At times, establishments offer poker freerolls tournament for their loyal gamers. Invitation-only events are commonly freerolls. But these events shouldn't be mistaken with play money competitions. They have two main differences. Play money competitions ask for a play money payment and wins are play money. Freeroll tournaments, on the other hand, could be free of charge, may ask for a payment using points or at times ask for a deposit into the gamer's account. Winnings could be real money, tickets to other events, merchandise or points.

Most sites have freeroll competitions and they usually ask for points as entry fee. These points are commonly earned by playing for real money at the site. There are also online sites that organize such tournaments without asking for any fee. It is also common to come across events where the prize is admission to a higher-level tournament, often called "satellites." Other games like blackjack, slot machines, video poker and craps also have freeroll tournaments.