Make the best poker rebuy strategy with these insider tips

At one point or another, we all experienced having our bankroll drained early on the tournament. The regret always comes with wishing you could afford more chips then play again. Well, you could do that in rebuy tournaments. Usually, it is during the first hour that players can buy more chips. There are events that do not impose any limit on rebuys, while others have a specified limit and most will give players a chance to buy more chips for the last time regardless of the amount of chips you already bought. In the similar way that there are several approaches in chess and football, there are also several approaches for an effective poker rebuy strategy. Whatever poker rebuy strategy you use, all of them have strong and weak points so it is important that you choose the best for you.

Super Loose

In tournaments where rebuys are unlimited, one good poker rebuy strategy is aggressively playing almost all the hands throughout the rebuy so you can get as many chips as you can and end up having a big stack. Players who do this usually play at least 80% of the hands before a flop and raises and reraises until all their chips get in the pot. The aim is to get a real hand or a weak one. The biggest benefit from this technique is ending up with more chips by the end as compared when you just played safely. This way, you have more chance to get to the end and win. Those who use this trick should be willing to shell out money to afford the extra rebuys and take risks in the hope that they will hit it big.

Slightly Loose

This poker rebuy approach involves playing more hands than your average. It also entails taking more calculated risks while taking control of the situation. It is sensible to relax on your starting requirements especially if you are in a late position or you could have a chance to come in for one wager. But you also have to protect your blinds from small raises using more hands than you would normally do. This will cause your opponent to bet all their chips when they get a piece from the flop since they're aware they can buy more. As a result, it is very likely you'll be paid when you form a big hand. Although this technique may make you acquire more than 20 rebuys, it will usually work with just a rebuy of 2 to 5.

One Bullet

One bullet is fit for players with small bankrolls. If you decide to use this technique, patience is very important. Do not get involved when it's only the first time you believe you got a small edge. It is unreasonable to risk your entire stack if you have a hand like K-J. Wait for the right timing so your one bullet will hit the target - your win will be bigger than your investment.